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What our customers say about us

A highly professional and efficient service provided. Communication was always very clear and prompt. Overall, I was very happy with every interaction and the final outcome.

Fazina B, COO

A quick turnaround ... always responsive and most importantly, knew his stuff. Highly recommended.

Adam B, CEO

Excellent legal work, excellent communication, and patient with my team... We used Farha & Associates for shareholder and capital structuring documents and would absolutely recommend them.

Alex K, Founder

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How we can help you

We solve issues

We have invested thousands of hours in understanding what you want from a lawyer for your SME or startup business and we've distilled it all into this website. Everything we have done here is a solution to one of your problems. Our solutions solve the whole problem. We worked out what you need, and then we delivered it. We are 100% laser focused on zapping problems with our ray gun of light ("RGoL").

zap problems with the RGoL

Enough is enough

Law is like soup. Too much or too little of any one ingredient can spoil the broth. At Farha & Associates, we know how to make a legal minestrone, just the way mamma used to. Just enough of what you need, but nothing more. We take the commercial view, charge you for value and get out of your way, so you can see the stars as you soar past on a rocket ship to Mars.

Give me exactly what I need

We'll do it with you

We love our clients. We build ourselves into their businesses, we make ourselves their friends, we try their products (even when they don't work) and we go out of our way to make sure that our clients come out on top every time. We're part of the team. That's why 90% or more of our revenue comes from companies rather than investors, and almost certainly will do forever. 

Let's do it together

Industry specific tailored agreements ready to go straight out of the box

Basically, we do the legal work so you can focus on what you are good at (I mean really good at)

I'm not starting a kebab shop but let's do this

How we are different from other sites

We are all lawyers

Being a lawyer is fantastic. We love it. All of our team have great backgrounds in top City firms (even the so-called 'Magic Circle'). What we've done with is create a service that distills the best of our knowledge and ability and makes it available for businesses sizes. 

We maintain our documents

We regularly review and update our documents to make sure they reflect the best of our thinking, the latest position of the law and of course the best position for our customers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know using the intercom button (bottom right).

We use the same documents is a service run by Farha & Associates, a law firm that works with businesses of all sizes from startups to scale ups. We use and rely on many of these documents and the drafting notes that accompany them for our own work, so if they are good enough for us, they will hopefully be good enough for you.